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Click here to view the invitation to an event on Oct 27, 2014 at the Clearbrook Library in Abbotsford BC.  Please contact us if you would like an information session to be scheduled in your area.


Summit’s official launch was announced on April 4, 2014 at an event hosting former Canadian Astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield.

Chris Hadfield to Isaac Boynton: Look people in the eye when you shake their hand.

Chris Hadfield to Isaac Boynton: Look a person in the eye when you shake hands.

Isaac Jeffrey Boynton with Commander Chris Hadfield, who attended at the official launch of Summit Negotiations Society on April 4, 2014. Looking on are Summit Directors Ernest and Evangeline Thiessen. In the background is Dr. Eric Davis, UFV VP Academic on the left and Dr Mark Evered, UFV President in the center. View photo of Director Ernest Thiessen congratulating Hadfield on receiving the World Peace Tartan here…


Summit Negotiations Society is a non-profit organization with a global reach. It is dedicated to providing high quality eNegotiation technology and skilled facilitation services to other non- profit societies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), grass roots movements and coalitions, First Nations / indigenous peoples worldwide and qualified individuals — essentially any situation where Summit can provide resources that tend to “level the playing field” while delivering an outcome that is better for everyone.


Summit Negotiations Society provides access to Smartsettle, which is a patented and globally recognized comprehensive eNegotiation System representing a suite of products that is applicable to all types of decision-making and negotiation situations. Smartsettle is designed to assist individuals and organizations to collaborate with other parties in reaching resolutions that are even better than fair. Following are just a few examples of the type of situations where Smartsettle is applicable:

  • An indigenous people negotiating with a mining company for road access or production rights
  • A government seeking to improve local access to semi-judicial mediation processes
  • A social service agency negotiating a union agreement
  • A community needing access to shared water resources
  • Two countries negotiating shared water resources


Summit Negotiations Society has partnered with iCan Systems Inc. in making Smartsettle accessible to organizations large or small. The issue of affordability is addressed within the Summit Sliding Scale Fee Structure. For most groups this will mean services close to cost and some will be eligible for free assistance.


Summit Negotiations Society is committed to putting negotiators in control of their own future and helping them achieve their objectives with powerful tools. This starts by training them in the use of Smartsettle’s powerful eNegotiation System. Summit’s goal is to quickly train a host of facilitators so that they can soon be facilitating all types of important negotiations for agencies, organizations, Indigenous Nations and the people they represent.

Smartsettle training is offered on-site or online through remote training facilities. Learn to use the Smartsettle system for a range of negotiations, or manage your own long-term organizational negotiations.



Wayne Northey, Interim Executive Director

Wayne Northey was Executive director of M2W2 for sixteen years since 1998. His many years of experience with non-profit management will be invaluable to us as we launch Summit Negotiations Society.

Ernest Thiessen, Director, Lead Facilitator

Dr. Thiessen was the principal inventor of the Smartsettle eNegotiation System and has been involved in research and development of the underlying software and process for over two decades. The original context was based on his work as a water resources development engineer in Nepal. His vision of bringing improved negotiations tools to groups and individuals seeking to negotiate in a more intelligent, peaceful and collaborative way has been expanded to a wide cross-section of applications.


Call 1-800-884-6323 now if you are facing an upcoming negotiation. We will bring all parties to the negotiating table and help them develop effective negotiation strategies that result in outcomes that deliver unexpected levels of satisfaction for all parties involved.

Please visit the Smartsettle website for more information about Smartsettle itself.

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